5 fruits you MUST eat for better digestion

Mango better digestion

The fruits that you eat directly has it effect on your lifestyle as they affect the bowel movements. fiber rich fruits when included in your diet help aid digestion and provide you some relief from digestive problems. Here are five fruits that should be a part of your diet for better digestion.


It is a fibrous fruit that helps in emptying the bowels. In case of constipation, papaya works the best. Papayas contain papain enzyme that makes digestion easy by breaking down the proteins.


Berries are fiber rich fruits. They are considered as the nutritional power house. Berries are a storehouse of fibers and vitamin C and they also have cancer fighting antioxidants.


Bananas contain more of soluble fibers which is good for lowering cholesterol and improving digestion. Bananas contain pectin which is a unique fiber.


A pear with skin has the highest content of fiber, which is, 6 grams. Pears are rich in fiber which is good for lowering cholesterol and improving bowel movement, thereby leading to better digestion.


The king of fruits has a lot of fibers and acts as a pre-biotic fruit. It increases the good bacteria in the digestive system that helps in better digestion. It contains fibers that ferment to produce short chain fatty acids (SCFA) that are beneficial for energy metabolism.

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